Instantly Upload Photobooth Pics

Photobooths are always a blast for all ages, especially when they are able to instantly hold that photographic memory in their hand.  But in today’s technological society, everyone wants that digital copy of that precious fun-filled Photobooth session or to be able to share that picture instantly with the world through social media.  With our Social Media Instant Uploads Kiosk added to your Photobooth rental, your guests will have the time of their life taking pics in one of our photobooths and then being able to instantly share them with their family & friends through the internet! All we need is wireless internet connection at your event venue and if there isn’t one, we can bring one of our mobile hotspots to make it work!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Email

When you add a our Social Media Instant Uploads Kiosk to your Photobooth rental your guests will be overjoyed to be able to instantly upload their phtobooth pics to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Email accounts in seconds after they are done taking their pics in one of our Open Air Photobooths! For businesses renting one of our photobooths for a company event or public celebration such as a “Grand Opening” or a “Special Promotion”, we can have all the photobooth pics immediately upload to your Facebook fan page for your business to get more likes and instantly publicize your event! Make sure you add our Social Media Instant Uploads Kiosk to your photobooth rental today!

*Remember there must be a reliable wireless internet connection or the ability to get a good 4G LTE wireless cell phone signal at your venue.

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